What makes European cars so special?

Photo credit: Goodwood road&racing 


Until more recently, European cars were very special indeed. Bold styling, unique design and premium materials, were all cornerstones of European car industry. With very few exceptions; you could expect something special, from nearly any car made in Europe.

So what happened? Did the European manufacturers lose their way? Did they forget what made them special, somewhere between their glory days and now? No, it’s just that rest of the world was forced to catch up a bit.

Make no mistake about it; European cars are still the way to go, if you love the feel of a luxury car, but need it to handle and have power too. In fact, no one really has more experience with that particular combination. But recent offerings from Cadillac, lexus and infiniti to name only a few, have done much to close the decades-long lead, that Europe held.

For my money though; Europe still does it best and I’ll likely always have a mostly Euro garage. Oh, I do have love for a few Japanese and American cars and as finances allow, I will certainly make room for them. However, so long as I have neighbors to consider and limited garage spaces, those spaces will be occupied by German, British, or Italian steel, wood, leather and glass, because the ability to carve corners as fast as you dare and still arrive in head-turning style and comfort, is worth my devotion.

Photo credit; stanceworks