Self-driving cars and the enthusiast

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With each passing year, we draw closer to the inevitability of self-driving cars. At the forefront of that movement is Mercedes-Benz, who have been pioneering this technology for years.

While the convenience of being able to nod off, or get some extra work done while being comfortably ferried back home in a car driven by sensors that can’t make mistakes,  does have a certain appeal to it, what about those of us who actually enjoy driving?

Does a future of self-driving cars have a place for we enthusists? Will we still be able to fire up that classic or exotic in our garage and take our pride and joy out on a mountain road to clear our heads and enjoy the simple pleasure of a spirited drive? Will track-day events become our only opportunity to pilot our machines by our own hands? 

In this future, if non-self-driving cars are a even allowed to be driven on public roads, should enthusiasts expect to pay outrageous insurance rates, just for the privilege of being able to drive conventional cars on these roads? Will causing an accident become criminal, if it can be proven that a party was driving themselves?

The modern car has become more of a transportation appliance than it ever has been before. Car enthusiasts are already viewed as a bit strange by the average person these days; will the politics that may come with self-driving cars become the final nail in the coffin of the car enthusiast?

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