My 5 must-have European cars

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Chances are that if you’re reading this, then you’re a European car fan and there’s also a good chance that you’ve long lusted after a unique and rare European machine yourself.

I’m often asked the question “what are your favorite European cars?” and while I never really devote much thought to it normally, I usually end up naming the same cars when I’m put on the spot. I guess I desire the cars on the list that follows, even on a subconscious level.

In no particular order; here are 5 European cars that I would love to own before father time catches up with me:

The Ferrari f40:

Created from Ferrari’s desire to make the most bat-sh*t crazy car they could, with the technology they had available to them at the time; they ended up making an absolutely beautiful, masterfully handling and amazingly performing piece of automotive pornography. This car does absolutely everything for me and I’d happily live in a trailer, if it meant I could have one.

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The bmw m1(procar):

In the 1970s the Motorsport scene was enormous. There were various types of races going on every weekend, in every major country and everyone from lawyers to butchers, were getting in on it. Keen to try and take Porsche’s crown as the most popular race car; BMW joined forces with Lamborghini to make the very special m1. While this car’s popularity peaked long before I was born, it’s beautiful looks and amazing capabilities place it high amongst my list of must-haves. 

The Aston Martin db5:

For many, this is the quintessential British gt car. For me, it’s an awesome British classic and a time machine to simpler days. Full of nostalgia and class; everything in it is made of wood, leather, metal or glass, just as a car should be. I can easily imagine myself on a spirited drive through some back-roads, completely lost in the moment and checked-out from the rest of the world. It’s everything I could ever ask for, from a classic gt car. 

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The Bentley continental gt:

While it’s easy to dismiss these as cars meant for snobby a**hole executives, they’re so much more. Few people know just how special Bentleys really are and fewer still know that their manufacturing process and craftsmanship, is nearly Maybach-level and with some coming equipped with turbo 12 cylinder engines; they aren’t slow, by any measure. For a daily-driven luxury car; I honestly wouldn’t need anything else. 

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The Pagani zonda:

Though the R is pictured above, I’d truthfully be happy with almost any Zonda. Powered by very special AMG engines and built with no expense spared; Pagani builds the kind of cars that both Mercedes and Ferrari designers dream about. The engines in the cars are ludicrously powerful and the interiors look more at home in a super-luxury car, than they do in a super-sports car. Were it not for the music generated by the hand-built v12 behind you, or that engine’s ability to make you one with your hand-stitched leather seat; you wouldn’t even know you were in a sports car at all. 

So there you have it; my top 5 European cars. The list might change with time, but right now, I can think of no better garage for myself. If I ever win the lottery, you know what I’m buying.