Cruise to the Beach!


We hosted our very first event, a cruise to the restaurant Fishlips in Port Canaveral FL!

Anyone was welcome. Slow, fast, stock or 100% carbon fiber!

We met up at the shop in Orlando, hung out for a bit and lined up ready to leave. We got onto 528-East and let ‘er rip. We had our photographers take some rolling shots – awesome, since a lot of the people that showed up didn’t have any rollers of their cars! Once we got to Port Canaveral, we lined up for pictures then went to go eat. It was a great day.

Take a look. View the entire album on our Facebook page (CLICK HERE).

Photo credits: Shoot for DetailsD2Fotos

A few friends

Jason, the carbon fiber king

Black Ops Performance’s NSX

“Z U L8R”



“Everyone always lifts Outbacks – I wanted to be different.”

Rolling in


I spy with my little eye..